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Rules & Guidelines

  • Search for it: Find the place that’s right for you using our automated booking service. You can search via the map in the home page or you can go to properties and select a room, apartment, residence or host family.
  • Book it: Once you find your home away from home you can fill in all the necessary information in the Enquirer Now section. Select Get More Info, where you can ask us for added information on the property or you can select Book It Now and follow the reservation process.
  • Arrival: Send us your flight information so we can have a member of the MAD team waiting for you at the property you have selected in order to; hand you your keys, show you around and answer any questions you may have.
  • Signature: Once you have met with the MAD team member, he or she will have for you a couple of papers for you to sign.
  • MadridEasy Guide: (Coming soon)
  • Basic Tips: (Coming soon)
  • Conduct: Bottom line this is a home you are renting and as such should be treated with respect. You are expected to return the property in the same conditions that it was given to you. Keep in mind that unless you rent an entire property on your own or with friends you will undoubtedly be living with other people. Therefore a certain level respect should always exist between roommates, this includes: an equal share of responsibilities e.g.: cleaning, sleeping hours, study/work hours, hygiene, etc…as well as equal rights to the common areas, appliances and supplies.

Bill of Rights

  • Communicate

Confirm check-in times & key exchange after booking. Contact MadridEasy within a minimum of one week before your arrival.

  • Be neighborly

Be respectful of your surroundings, and the neighbors next door.

  • Guests

Your reservation is confirmed for a set number of people. Check with us before inviting additional visitors.

  • Respect the place

Treat the property as if it were your own home. Whether it is an entire apartment or private room, be considerate & respectful.

  • Notify

Should any problems arise during your stay, immediately notify us so we can correct it promptly.

  • Review

Leave us some feedback; future tenants really appreciate it and so do we!