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Have you been trying to rent out your apartment? Has it been a while since anyone has shown any interest? At MadridEasy we can rent your property in a flash to students who are looking for a place to live while on their study abroad. You can rent your property by room or  entirely, you could also let us know the minimum length of stay and any other norms or guidelines you wish the tenant(s) to follow.

Please feel free to fill out the form below once we have received your information we will contact you within 24-48 hours. We may require further information at a later time.

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Sign in with us and list your place with MadridEasy by sending us descriptions, pictures, guidelines, naming a price, and setting availability.

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Keep us informed of your property; is it still available have your conditions changed, do you have any other concerns?

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Once we have all this information, you can sit back and relax, we will find somebody in no time to rent your property.

  • Cancellation Policy

Property Owners:

-MadridEasy charges a service and for that it serves merely as a third party between property owner and tenant. If a property owner decides do rescind his or her contract before termination is due, he or she must come to an agreement with the tenant(s) which is who he or she is contractually bound to.

Safety Tips for Owners:

In order to rent out your property quickly submit a detailed description, pictures and house rules of your property to establish some ground rules and set expectations.

  • Description – Start setting expectations by having a detailed description fully portraying your offering, and let us know how you operate. Be accurate about what you and yourplace have to offer.
  • House Rules – Inform us of your house rules specifying occupancy restrictions, expected behavior, minimum length of stay or any other rules you have. You can also specify conditions for check-in, such as, IDs, rental agreements, and key exchanges.