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Inventory Inspection Procedure

You’ve recently checked in into your new room/apartment. We hope that you are enjoying Madrid so far. We urge you to read all the information below carefully and complete all the required steps in order for your stay to be as pleasant as possible. You have 7 working days from now in order to complete the inspection procedure and send all pertinent information back to us. Failure to do so would mean that the inventory we have provided is accurate and no damages or adjustments have been reported. It is important to provide pictures with the signed inventory because it will be the only source of information about the current condition of the apartment from the moment you check-in, along with the completed and signed inventory form.

Below you will find the MadridEasy inventory inspection procedure.

Please read and complete the process below.

 Inventory inspection



It is the tenants responsibility to go over the inventory form provided and verify the condition of the objects listed in the inventory sheet for specific apartment and room the tenant is occupying. Attaching any pictures if available.

Pre-check-in inspection

It is highly recommended that tenants take pictures of certain things in the room and apartment, especially: walls, closet, mattress, bed frame, etc. If there are any damages previous to a tenants arrival, by taking pictures and providing them to us, along with the completed inventory sheet, within the allotted 7 days will result in a proper pre-check-in inspection.

Post-check-in inspection

We also recommend all tenants to follow the same steps in the pre-check-in procedure at the time of their check-out. One or two days before a tenant checks out they must complete the check out procedure and also provide pictures along with it. Rooms must be empty and clean.

Owner Inspection

Two or three days after a tenant has moved out of the property the owner will then inspect the conditions of the apartment and the tenant’s room as well, along with a member of MadridEasy staff with a copy of the inspection sheet and pictures, if provided by the tenant. If at that point in time the owner finds the room/apartment unclean or with any damages will result in the deduction of the the tenant’s security deposit( the amount deducted will equal the reparation of any damages found).

Submitting inventory sheets and images

Once a tenant has completed the inventory form they must send said document to any MadridEasy staff member, along with any pictures taken. The tenant is urged to ask for confirmation that this report has been received via written email. In any case the tenant can also bring the inventory and any pictures to the MadridEasy office.

Inventory forms must be submitted in PDF format and all images must be in JPEG, JPG or PNG format. Tenants may also provide the images through Dropbox links, Google Drive, etc. Any image corruption must be resolved within the allotted 7 day period.

After the 7 day period neither the inventory sheet nor images will be accepted.

Damages are defined as anything in the room/apartment being broken, defaced or vandalized, including but not limited to: desk, chair, bed, bed frame, lamps, curtains, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, blinds, doors and all furniture.

All tenants are responsible to complete their respective inventory forms, other roommates, parents or friends may not complete or submit the inventory form and pictures.