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Us vs. the Competition

They say home is where the heart is…and we have pieces of ours scattered all over Madrid.

Property Owners

When a property owner takes it upon himself to rent his or her home, several things come to mind: Is it going to be taken care of? Am I going to get the amount I want for it? How much am I going to have to pay a realtor? Can I have better control of who my tenants are? And we answer, yes. Once you decide to utilize our services we do not only make sure to rent your home in a timely fashion. This of course depends on the type of contract you decide to sign with us.

Complete management of expenses:  Once a property owner signs a contract with a realtor, the only job the realtor really has is to find a tenant to occupy the property and once that is completed, the realtor agent takes his commission and does not get involved in any matter between tenant and realtor, unless of course it is a legal one. At MadridEasy apart from finding a tenant, we manage all the expenses and rent, whether we have complete or partial control over a property and we pay the bills directly. A property owner will never have to worry about managing the expenses of the tenants in his or her property. That also includes managing the expenses if damages should occur in the property, unless of course the property owner chooses to become involved with the process.

Complete management of check ins & check outs: Once a property owner grants us control over his or her property we manage when tenants move in and when they move out of the property. When working with realtors or other agencies this more often than not falls onto the property owners responsibility.

No Communications problems:  As in any good relationship, the key is always to communicate. We are constantly keep our property owners informed of everything that is pertinent to their property. Which is something unheard of with real estate agencies, since all they work for is that initial commission once the property is rented.

Follow all rules and conditions set by owner: If a property owner has a specific set of rules or conditions we follow them to the letter and if those rules or conditions need to be communicated to the tenant, we do so.

Handling of all maintenance: If the property ever should need something fixed or altered we would first communicate it to the property owner, and ask permission to go ahead and proceed with the maintenance work. If the problem was caused by normal wear and tear, then the owner will receive a bill for said maintenance, if it was caused by the tenant, then the tenant will be charged. Of course if the property owner wishes to view the problem before hand it would be arranged.

No commission on first month’s rent: Unlike real estate agencies, we do not charge a fee to property owners. Never.

Temporary/ continuous contracts available: A property owner, if he or she so chooses, can opt for a temporary contract with MadridEasy and after said contract concludes the property owner can opt to renew or not. He or she can also opt for a continuous contract with MadridEasy. Once a property owner signs with a real estate agency it is either impossible or very hard to modify or change set parameters made inicially at the beginning of negotiations, therefore the owner is tied down to the contract the realtor has bestowed upon him or her.



When looking for accommodations no matter which route you take, whether it be by an agency, a realtor or directly with a property owner you must always ask yourself, who is benefiting more; me (the person paying for the service), the owner or a third party? We inform you of all of the things we do and the things we do not, yes we do have a service fee, but our main goal is to service you.

Year round inspection of propertie
s: We conduct thorough inspections of all of our properties, before and after each tenant leaves or moves in. If ever an incident should arise, we handle all mediation between tenant and insurance agency, so as to handle the problem swiftly. Other agencies or real estate agents may conduct some inspections, but do not do so constantly. 

100% Trust Worthy Advertisements: Don’t be impressed by sites that offer 100,000 different options, those are not always trust worthy. Since we have the sufficient amount of properties and the fact that we deal directly with the property owners we get a first look at the property and take accurate pictures of the: common areas, bedrooms and building itself. Those pictures are then immediately uploaded onto our website and Facebook accounts; we do not alter or modify and images, what you see is exactly what you get, therefore the status of all of our properties are constantly updated. MadridEasy is not a forum where anybody can upload an offer, unlike other agencies that have the option of various people uploading property images onto their sites, which they have very little control of and most often are not the same as what a client might see in a picture.

100% Hands On: Most of the time after signing a contract the relationship between agency and tenant virtually ceases to exist, except of course when payment of the rent is due. Our relationship with you does not end after you sign. We are in constant contact with you, making sure that everything is functioning properly in the apartment and if you are also content with the property, neighborhood and roommates. We want your time with us to be a pleasant one from beginning to end.

One Time Fee: We are not an agency, we are a Student Housing Company, but we do have a small one time only fee, this is obviously to further our assistance. We work hard to make sure that both tenant and property owner are satisfied with the over all outcome of our work. But as previously mentioned this is a one time only fee, unlike realtors or other agencies that charge monthly fees to your rent or may have hidden fees that pop up at the end of your contract.

No Proof of Income RequiredMost agencies and realtors ask all tenants for proof of income; this is for their benefit, because they will not rent out an apartment without verifying that you have the sufficient funds to maintain the rent. At MadridEasy we know students, student workers and even sometimes tourists do not have any proof of income so not only does our type of contract waive this requirement but, we only ask for a deposit that is then returned to you at the end of your stay.  Real estate agencies as well as property owners require a deposit equal to 6 months rent, plus proof of income that must be 3 time that of the rent of the property.

Flexibility with client*We understand that conflicts may arise between roommates, and if matters become uncomfortable we do offer the option of moving you to another MadridEasy location, that is of course if there are other options available. We also try and accommodate our clients in regards to their length of stay. If such problem should arise when dealing with a realtor this option is not available to any tenant, the same may or may not apply with other agencies such as ourselves. This is because when you sign with a real estate agency you are signing a very rigid contract that does not allow you to alter it without it being considered a breech.

Management of ExpensesAs mentioned before, we manage all of our properties effectively and efficiently. Whenever a room or apartment becomes available, the status of that apartment is modified and if it needs to undergo repairs or is currently unavailable, the status is also modified. Some of our properties have expenses included, in which case we manage all of the bills, some only partially, and some do not have expenses included, but depending on a tenants length of stay the bills are either forwarded to the tenant or the tenant manages the bill directly, of course under our supervision. This is a procedure that may or may not be managed by other agencies and with regards to realtors this option is not available.

Full Maintenance and Cleaning Services: If a problem should arise in the property, of course depending on the problem, we would immediately send someone of our staff to asses the problem and depending on the initial evaluation a technician will be sent to resolve the matter and rest assured that it will be dealt with swiftly. The same thing applies to sanitation, before a property is inhabited we thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire property, this also applies after a tenant vacates the property.  On the other hand realtors and other agencies rely on property owners to conduct these inspections, which in most cases are left unattended.