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Here’s Why

There are plenty of houses, but we make it a home. We guarantee that your roommate(s) will be of your same age group.

Put quite simply we don’t just offer rooms or apartments; we invite you to become part of the MAD family. When you start looking for accommodations, whether it be online or going to different open houses, the process is not only very stressful but also a bit scary, because you do not know who you are dealing with, what their conditions are, if you can meet them and what is really being offered vs. what you are truly getting.

This is where we stand out, not only do we have 16 years accommodating students from all over the world while on their study abroad programs in Madrid, but when you contact us you’re not dealing with a property owner or a real estate agency. You are in other words talking to a friend of a friend, because more often than not we are referred by other students, institutions and companies who recommend us to their friends, colleagues or peers.


  • Living in a flat offered by MadridEasy gave me the opportunity to live in the best student housing in Spain. The around the clock office staff was very helpful, and the location of the flats, including the one I lived in are ideal since in my case it was located just a few metro stops away from Puerta del Sol, which connects to almost all subway lines in Madrid. The flat was in very good conditions, with a big-wide sunlit kitchen, new appliances, bamboo-like floors throughout the flat, two restrooms, a metro stop in the corner of the street and a residential area offering good alternatives for things to do and places to eat. Overall, having experienced different student housing services in Spain, MadridEasy is by far the best. I would without a doubt recommend MadridEasy to all my friends thinking about looking for a place to stay while in Madrid, having nice flats with the great office staff that MadridEasy offers, more than makes up for it. Living at MadridEasy has been an extremely positive and gratifying experience. – Jhedy Dorrejo, Alfonso Martinez Conde, 13. 
  • Durante mi intercambio escolar en España en el 2006, MadridEasy fue mas que un proveedor de alojamiento. La compañía, por medios de un acuerdo con University of Florida, me alquilo un piso cual compartí con unos compañeros. El Sr. Blazquez me instalo una cama mas grande para acomodar mi altura. Nos atendió con todo detalle y cariño, buscando nos del aeropuerto, involucro en actividades sociales y atléticas (fui parte de su equipo de baloncesto), y sobre todo, estuvo siempre atento a cualquier consulta o inquietud que tengamos- sea del piso alquilado o un tema personal en mi nueva vida en España. En fin, Alvaro Blazquez es una persona de confianza, y aparte de manejar una empresa con excelente servicio al cliente, se volvió un amigo de toda la vida. Gracias por toda la atención durante la estadía en Madrid y por la increíble experiencia en España. – Adrian Aizenstat, Illescas, 49.
  • After I received my acceptance letter to study abroad in Madrid I immediately started looking for a place to live. I wanted to rent an apartment with other students my age, from different walks of life. I had found various places but my financial aid had not kicked in so my list of places was slowly dwindling down until all of my choices were gone. About a month later I received my financial aid and immediately scoured the web looking for a new place.It was mid October and I could not find an apartment for the life of me (apparently from what I heard by this time most of the apartments for rent were gone because of the high demand) so I decided to ask my affiliate college in Madrid to help me out; they gave me a list of website and agencies. After hours of searching I found a place that was decent, not too far from the center or my school and at a good price. I sent the owner the deposit (478€ to be exact) I  didn’t really think about it twice since I found the apartment with the help of my school and two weeks later I was in Madrid and in front of the door of my new apartment. I rang the door bell and nobody answered; “do I have the wrong apartment I thought to myself, am I lost?” No, I was not I kept ringing and ringing and no answer, until finally a neighbor saw me sitting on the steps, with all my luggage and a look of utter despair. She invited me in and I told her what was happening, she then tells me that she has a key to the apartment I was supposed to move in too and she could let me in. I was relived but also worried as to why the owner of the apartment would do this and how would this old lady even know if I was telling the truth or not and let a prefect stranger in the apartment. I walked in and needless to say the place was horrible, nothing like the pictures that were posted online, it smelled and looked like no one had lived there for ages. I picked up my bags grabbed a cab and went straight to my Uni. When I got there I was enraged and looking for someone to take it out on as I walked across campus I bumped into someone in my program, I told her what had happened and she told me of MadridEasy. I was still mad and quite frankly skeptical of Madrid already but I gave them a shot. Best decision I made, I arrived to their offices and was warmly greeted, they heard my story and began showing me a number of places they had left for me to pick from, we visited a few and when I had made up my mind we went back to the office and began the paperwork. As I had lost my deposit from my previous choice they knew I had no money with me at the moment for their deposit, but they were understanding and allowed me to pay the deposit in two parts along with the rent for the following months. As I walked in to my new place I felt at ease and relaxed, but still mad at what had happened, but I had a roof over my head and place to call home for the next months all thanks to MadridEasy.
  • I knew about MadridEasy from a mutual friend who did a year abroad in Madrid. They picked me up at the airport, dropped me off at the apartment I had picked; where someone from their team greeted me, walked me in to my new place, showed me around the neighborhood, hooked up my internet, told me where I could get some food and handed me my keys. Best way to be welcomed to not only a new home but a new country as well, thanks MADeasy!!!



  • When my mother decided that she wanted to move out of the house we all grew up in, it was up to me, the eldest in the family, to make sure if we sold or rented our home it would be in good hands. We knew we didn’t want to hand it to a real estate agency but we also knew we would prefer professionals to handle it. Since I was completing my Masters in the Universidad Europea de Madrid a saw a flyer on campus, it was of a student housing company and I thought that I would check it out. When I met with the MadridEasy staff and they guided me through their process I knew they would be the best option. I remember I handed the keys of my old home to them on a Friday afternoon and come Tuesday the apartment had been rented out, I was amazed. They made an inventory list of all of the things we left in the apartment and conducted a thorough investigation of the place as well. The students that had rented the apartment were very responsible and hard working individuals so that also was a burden off my shoulders. It has been 5 years now and quite honestly MadridEasy was the best choice I made.
  • I live in Sevilla, but I own an apartment in Madrid, I couldn’t afford to maintain the apartment I have in Sevilla and in Madrid, so I was going to sell the one in Madrid. After almost a year in the market I had no buyers or interest so I took the rental route. I liked the idea of having students renting my apartment because if at any point I had to move back to Madrid it would be much simpler to deal with students than with an entire family. So I shopped around and found MadridEasy, they were very professional friendly and since I lived in Sevilla they would take care of any problem that my arise and just contact me if they needed anything from me.