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Who We Are

Get to know what MadridEasy is and what we have to offer. We want you to feel at home as soon as possible, because at the end of the day we do not only offer you a home away from home, but in some ways we are also your second family. Ask us whatever you’d like: info@madrideasy.com  

More than just a housing company we are a MAD family, and we say this proudly. We are always there for our clients, not just to offer you a home away from home, but also to share with you this amazing experience. We are a dedicated organization that provides integralaccommodation services mainly for students and/or student workers whom are looking for accommodations in city of Madrid, whilst they continue with their studies abroad. We also offer our services to professionals and tourists, although under certain conditions. We are currently supported by several affiliates such as: colleges, universities, companies and we guarantee a room whether it is done online or in person. Our mission is oriented so that from the moment of arrival you can count on our help and advice for the best housing options. We dedicate personal attention to each one of our clients ensuring that all of our visitors will have a pleasant stay away from home.