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Handicap Accessible

Finding a place to live while studying abroad is hard but finding one that is handicapped accessible is harder still. But here at MadridEasy we have some option available for you. Now keep in mind that while these apartments are not 100% handicapped accessible, in accordance to the handicap guidelines, they do however offer a level of comfort and ease that are very difficult to find in Madrid.

The following are the apartments that are handicapped accessible:

The following are some of the things that are handicapped accessible:

  • Bathroom:

We have various types of bathrooms that are accessible to a handicapped person. What we mean by this is that some of our apartments have showers, some have baths and some have both. Those that have showers are much more convenient because you would have easy access in and out of the shower. On the other hand having a bath would allow you to lay in the tub and enjoy a peaceful bath. The sinks are of a general height of 75-80cm and the toilet bowl has a standard height of 40cm.

  • Wide Hallways & Doorways:

Apartment doorways and halls vary in length and width but we have selected those that are the widest so you can easily move in an out of any room within the apartment. The same goes for the building entrances.

  • Elevators:

Most buildings in Madrid have elevators, but some are too small for someone who uses a wheelchair to move around. Again we have picked out those who offer the widest space possible so you can go to and from your apartment with ease.

  • Lifts:

We have set aside those buildings that have lifts in their main entrance so that those that are handicapped can easily go up and down the main lobby in order to access the entrance and/or the elevators.

  • Counter tops:

Here in Madrid the vast majority of counter tops are at a standard height of 90cm, because most kitchen appliances measure 90cm. This is a comfortable height for those who have to move around in wheelchairs and can quite comfortably move around the kitchen, cook, clean and go about their lives.

  • Ramps:

Those whom have difficulty moving around can rest easier because we have set aside various apartments that have ramps to and from the building and gate entrances. This is also convenient when going shopping and you have a lot of things that need to be carried up to your apartment.

We understand that these still might be an inconvenience for you but we have been able to find some apartments that offer necessary help to those that have a difficult time moving around. If you have any additional questions regarding handicap accessible apartments do not hesitate to Contact Us.