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MAD Team

“Meet our MAD team: hard working, very charismatic and fun staff.

Alvaro: “Commander in Chief”

Founder and CEO of MadridEasy Mr. Blazquez is not your typical CEO. He is firm, flexible, 100% hands on, very charismatic and most importantly fun. He leads his MAD team through thick and thin, hurdling through obstacles not only to make the MAD Company and MAD family that much stronger, but also making it that much easier and effective for our clients and property owners. With the full support of his team he comes into the office every morning with a work hard / play even harder attitude. This does not mean that he is in the office cracking jokes, no, quite the opposite; he motivates and inspires his staff to bring their A-game every day to the work place.



Arancha: “Wonder Woman”

Ever heard of “The Little Engine That Could”? Well we have one right here, she is Director of Operations; Arancha Menchaca who is defiantly the life force of the MAD family. In the office several times before the work day begins and out way past check out time, her attitude is a testament to the everyday working man, or in this case “working-lady.” There is nothing she is not capable of; constantly attending clients, property owners, maintenance and cleaning crews, chauffer services, landlords, and the list continues. She is a boss but more so a friend, making co workers and clients feel at ease, her ability to delegate is truly awe inspiring. Most of the time you will see her with a coffee mug and a smile, full steam ahead to whatever task is in her agenda that day and boy is it a full one.



Lorena Alonso: “Dj Numbers”

The in house DJ, Ms. Alonso is our MAD accountant, everyday dabbling with numbers, payments, banks representatives, billing and everything in between. And even if that weren’t enough she always has the time to lend anyone a helping hand, all the while making sure that even on our most hectic day there is at least a soundtrack to it, which always lifts our spirits and makes the day that much more pleasant. Ms. Alonso always has her door open for students and property owners alike, if you have any questions about your utility bills, questions about your contract, security deposit and much more.



Sonia Castro: “Sherlock Rooms”

Ms. Castro is a true champion and go getter. She is always sniffing out new apartments, rooms, residences and host families for all of our students, if she can’t find them nobody can. Born and raised in Madrid, Sonia knows every corner, every street and neighborhood in Madrid giving her a huge advantage when it comes to finding properties in this amazing city. She is also a trooper when it comes to property owners, she will laugh with them and cry with them, so if you are desperately looking to rent your property she will be always be there for you. She is the newest member of our MadridEasy team and from the looks of it she is here to stay.


Charlotte Siwers: “Indiana Consultant”

Charlotte Siwers, from Stockholm, Sweden landed in Madrid on January 1994 to learn Spanish. Her original plan was to come for only half a year but Madrid was not going to let her go that fast, or maybe it was the other way around. So six months turned in to 17 years and she is not planning on leaving Madrid any time soon, it is an understatement to say that she fell in love with the city and who’s to blame her? And to quote her: “Madridis a fantastic city!” Charlotte became a member of the MAD team in 2009, with her associates in the United States, from various colleges and universities she accommodates students and professionals alike who come to Madrid for a semester or 17 years if they so choose to.