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Partners & Collaborators

We currently collaborate with some of the main universities in Madrid and are partners with various internayional universities. This allow us to provide those students with the best possible housing service in Madrid.

If you would like your University to collaborate with us we’d be happy to get in touch with whomever is responsible for the study abroad program. Special offers are available.


Spanish Universities of Madrid we have students from

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International programs in Madrid we have partnership with.

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Business Schools in Madrid we have students from.

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Organizations we collaborate with:

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MadridEasy partners and collaborators are very important to us & therefore we always try to keep them close by.

We have various collaborations with several different organizations, but what we love about living in today’s day and age is the fact that we can keep in constant contact with those away just like the ones closer to home.

Our friends are former residents, employees, partners, collaborators, whom are just like family and even though we can not see them every day they are but a click away.

Some of them are:







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