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Au pair

We are introducing a new type of accommodation derived from the known Host family; Au pair.

The Au Pair mode has many advantages given the opportunity to live in another country, learning a new language, knowing the Spanish culture without spending much money. Moreover host families benefit from a flexible and reliable solution for the care of their children. The / Au Pair take care of children, helping the family with their daily routine and broaden the cultural horizons of the host family.

How does it work?

It’s simple, interested students need only complete the Application form that is below along with photos of himself in his previous experiences with children (will not be with family) and recommendations as appropriate. They must also attach a letter explaining not only the experience they have with children; camps, baby sitting, private class but expressed his motivation for wanting to perform the duties of Au pair with a Spanish family.

All that information is reviewed along with the requests of families looking for Au Pair and be contacted at the moment there is a perfect mach sign a contract.


Application Form

Name *

Surname *

Address *

Email *

Mobile phone number *

Fixed phone number


Birth date

Identity card

Have you got driving licence?

About you


Do you like children?

Briefly tell us about your experience as a babysitter

Do you smoke? If the answer is yes: could you don´t smoke in the famify´s house?

Why do you want to be an au pair?

What languages do you speak? What´s your speaking level?

About the english speaking country, where would you like to live?

When you can travel and how long can you stay with the family?

I assure that everything i wrote here, and all the other documents i sent (the certificate of no criminal record, etc) are true. I also agree with the programme.