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Christmas in Madrid

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Christmas being just around the corner. Madrid hosts many fiestas that liven up the streets and excite visitors from all around. From the end of November to early January, the city is lit up in colorful lights that help to create Christmas cheer and glee. You… Read More


Interesting places to discover in the Sol neighborhood

Welcome to Sol! Are you also curious about the stores in the center of Madrid? The Sol neighborhood contains of many shops and some of them are very relatable to the Spanish culture. You cannot miss them when you are in the center! As some of you probably already know, is Sol literally the heart… Read More


The Abroad Perspective presents… Thanksgiving Day in Spain!

“In America, the fourth Thursday every November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day”. This tradition dates back to 1621 where the Pilgrims from England invited the local Native Americans to a feast after a successful season of good harvest. On this day to give thanks, Americans typically celebrate by coming together with friends and family and… Read More


What to expect when moving to Spain from the U.S.

When moving to Spain from the United States, there are many cultural differences that we aren’t used to. These are a few basic cultural differences that are important to know before arriving. They are generalizations about the Spanish culture, as it varies from region to region just as it does in the U.S., but they… Read More


Theaters in Madrid

The theater-lovers will be pleased in Madrid. Whether you want to visit, watch some classics, or discover new experimental shows, the city offers it all! The theaters are as diverse and rich as the city’s history and culture. The architecture from different times will blow your mind and make you travel through time. In this… Read More