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The Chueca Neighbourhood

This neighbourhood in Madrid is named after the compositor Federico Chueca and it has become a major hub for the LGBT community neighbourhood (Lesbians Gays Bisexuals and Transsexuals) of Madrid. The walls of Metro in Chueca are painted with the gay flag to symbolize the pride that Chueca has. Chueca offers many interesting things to… Read More


Weekend trips around Madrid

       Madrid City is full of great places like museums, bars, historical buildings… But outside of Madrid, you can also discover so many places full of history or just with beautiful landscapes! And the public transport is very efficient, so most of the time, you don’t have to spend a single € if… Read More


Retiro Neighborhood

If you value being close to the centre of Madrid, but also enjoy a bit of peace and quiet from time to time as well as the outdoors, then the Retiro neighbourhood is a good place for you! While Gran Vía, Sol, La Latina, Malasaña and other central neighbourhoods are exciting and have a lot… Read More


5 ideas how to use your free time in Madrid!

Already done with the classes and exams? If yes, congratulations! Now you have a lot of free time and make sure that you use it 100 as you are in one of the coolest cities in!  Explore, discover new places or visit the ones that you always wanted to visit! In this blog post, we… Read More


Recycling in Madrid

One of the goals of the European Union is that by 2020 all European countries will recycle at least 50% of household waste. Spain still needs to improve in recycling. According to El Pais, each of Madrid’s 6.5 million inhabitants produces on average 461 kilos of garbage a year, and much of it gets mixed together…. Read More


Descubre el barrio de Moncloa

Moncloa es un barrio de Madrid que merece ser más conocido. Entre los lugares emblématicos que hay que descubrir destacan los siguientes : El Palacio de La Moncloa Fue construido en el siglo XVII y desde 1977, alberga la sede de la Presidencia del Gobierno de España, siendo también la residencia oficial del Presidente y su… Read More


Las diferencias culinarias entre Francia y España

Si eres de Francia y viajas a España, descubrirás que pese a ser ambos países Europeos entre ellos existen muchas diferencias, sobre todo gastronómicas. Para empezar, en España los horarios de comida sorprenden mucho a los franceses. Por ejemplo, un día típico en Francia es el siguiente: 7h: el francés desayuna, un café o té… Read More


Enjoy May in Madrid for Free!

With the sun shining hotter and hotter each day, summer is most certainly on its way. The first of May signals the start of the summer, so it’s time to get out there and enjoy Madrid.  This month is one to be taken advantage of for sure before the summer heat really kicks in! And… Read More