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Alissa & Her Room Search in Madrid

Alissa came to Madrid a few months ago & started working for Auxiliares in Madrid, which is a company that facilitates English language courses for citizens of Madrid. She had a bit of a hard time looking for a place to live in Madrid but through word of mouth she found us& here is what… Read More


JP. & Ugi Apartment Hunting the MadridEasy Way

JP & Ugi are roommates in one of our fantastic apartments located just 15 minutes walking distance from the center. They share the apartment with other students from Drexel University, the University of Florida & Saint Louis University. They stopped by the other day to pay their rent and were kind enough to give us… Read More


Parks in Madrid

Madrid being the capital city of Spain is best described as an international city. The city is also known as the center for finance, economics, service and administration. With modern and old mixed together in its infrastructure, it makes the city looks unique and much more appealing to every visitor coming to visit the city. The… Read More


The 3 Kings: Santa Clause for the Children of Madrid

The country of Spain is very famous in its fiestas, more than ever if you celebrate events in the city of Madrid. So if you are in Madrid on the upcoming Christmas holidays, you should expect much more fun coming your way on the 6th of January, because the partying does not stop in Madrid… Read More


Places to See in Madrid during the Holiday Season

One thing about Madrid: you never run out of things to see, things to do and places to go. This is especially true on Christmas, since there’s usually something cool happening around the corner. Madrid in December usually has tons of Christmas festivities, and the air is filled with holiday cheer and excitement. We’d recommend… Read More


Michelle from Drexel University Found us on Craigslist!

Normally we house students that have heard of us through friends that have study abroad. They normally find us on the web or they just walk in our office. But this is the first time that we have had a student find us on Craigslist. Her name is Michelle and she came to Madrid through… Read More


Malasaña: An Alternative Taste in the Heart of Madrid

You’ve probably been here, or it’s probably the first time you’ve heard about it. In any case we are sure that after reading this post you’ll want to go to this place.   Malasaña is one of the most popular districts in Madrid, full of small streets, bars and the best alternative atmosphere in the city. During the day it… Read More


Craig’s a Fan of MadridEasy!

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you; Craig, our resident from our flat Santa Engracia 122. He is an awesome guy that has been having an amazing time here in Madrid and Europe in general. He stopped by this week to pay his rent and told us about his recent travels to: Paris, Brussels … Read More


Viktoria from Sweden

Well guys another happy customer & we are so happy about it! This is Viktoria, she is staying in one of our apartments located in the Moncloa area, which is the university district of Madrid. The area is full of funk restaurants & shops as well as a large community of students. If you are… Read More