Gator Arrival & Departure Guidelines - MadridEasy

Gator Arrival & Departure Guidelines

Arrival & Departure Guidelines:

We, MadridEasy, commission a car service to arrange pick-ups to and from the airport for all UFL students. When you arrive in Madrid, a driver will meet you outside the customs exit at the Madrid airport (Barajas).


We require all of you to do the following!


  • If your plane is delayed and you will be arriving later than scheduled, please contact MadridEasy as soon as you have details of your flight changes.
  • A driver will not be available if you arrive later than originally scheduled and MadridEasy was not alerted beforehand. In this case, please have a taxi drop you off at your apartment and call MadridEasy (Arancha: 609 448304 or Aldo: 608 606959) to have them meet you at your apartment.


We will meet you at the apartment and provide you with the following:


A. Madrid Metro pass (Abono) for the first month

B. Keys to the apartment

C. Instructions for Internet access (including instructions for Apple computers)-please make sure your computer works before the representative leaves!

D. Any pertinent information about using appliances, hot water, garbage disposal, etc. A more detailed orientation will be scheduled later in the week.

E. A set of sheets/towels. Students should contemplate bringing or buying additional sheets and towels for use during the semester


We will schedule with each of you a date (within the 1st week of arrival) a full orientation and inventory of the apartment and its furnishings.


F. An apartment checklist/inventory to be completed by the students certifying that furnishings and appliances are in working order.

G. Students: Please do NOT use appliances if you are not sure how to use them. Wait for a MadridEasy representative to assist you.


If during your stay you experience any problems with your room or apartment, those should be reported to MadridEasy as soon as possible.

At the end of the program, you MUST confirm your departure date and time with us so the airport car service can be scheduled.


A MadridEasy representative will conduct a preliminary apartment inspection with you, at least two days before your departure. If you fail to make the inspection appointment or fail to be present for the inspection, you forfeit the opportunity to challenge any damages.

Another detailed inspection will be conducted once the apartment is vacated by all the tenants. If damages are found, these will be communicated to each of you in writing and deducted from the deposit.

You all must provide MadridEasy with the bank information required to process a deposit return. Deposit returns take at least one month to process.

– Account number
– Routing Number
– Bank Name
– Bank Address
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the apartments before and during your stay in Madrid. You can contact us on the Gator Page via private message, wall post or comment. Remember that MadridEasy is here to ensure that your stay in our city is as pleasant as possible.

Thank you and remember that we are at your disposal from now on to this email address: