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Safety Tips for Property Owners

In order to rent out your property quickly submit a detailed description, pictures and house rules of your property to establish some ground rules and set expectations.

  • Description – Start setting expectations by having a detailed description fully portraying your offering, and let us know how you operate. Be candid and accurate about what you and your place have to offer.
  • House Rules – Inform us of your house rules specifying occupancy restrictions, expected behavior, minimum length of stay or any other rules you have. You can also specify conditions for check-in, such as, IDs, rental agreements, and key exchanges.

Security Deposits

Wishing to find a tenant quickly may be your first priority, but accidents do happen. Whether it’s something spilt on the couch or something more serious, having a security deposit is a good way to help protect yourself against any mishaps. Our policy is to ask for a months and a half rent for the purposes of the security deposit.

Reservation Requirements

You can set custom trust parameters for us to inform the prospective tenant. Whoever does not meet your specified requirements can not rent your property. This will help us do a better job of finding someone suitable to rent your property.

Cleaning Fees

Cleaning fees are done before a tenant arrives, the fee of this service will be charged to the Owner and once the property is vacated the cleaning fee befalls the previous tenant.   Collecting a cleaning fee helps lessen the financial burden of keeping your place clean and tidy after each tenant arrives and leaves.


Even if you’re not renting your place out, having insurance is a simple, affordable way to protect against the unexpected. Adding the extra layer of security with homeowners insurance is a good way to reduce risk and make sure your home is protected if anything should happen. Every policy is different, and not every policy provides this protection. To understand your coverage options, you should check with your insurance provider or providers in your area.

Put it in Writing

Most issues arise from a lack of clear communication and expectations. Lower your risk by leaving clear instructions for us to pass along to the tenant(s) on how you expect them to behave in your home. For instance, perhaps shoes should only be worn outside, or maybe you don’t want your tenant to have parties. Additional to these expectations, we also have a set of guidelines for each and every tenant.

Prepare Your Property

Walk though your place and remove any valuable or irreplaceable items, along with sensitive documents. If you can’t remove these items, then create a lockable, secure space that is inaccessible to a tenant, but remember that truly irreplaceable items should always be removed.

Contract Model

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Find a Helping Hand

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, inform them that you will be renting your property and that they will have new tenants. This way, your neighbors don’t get worried when they see new faces in your place and tenants are aware that they are sharing and area with other people and this needs to be respected.