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Interesting places to discover in the Sol neighborhood

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Welcome to Sol!

Are you also curious about the stores in the center of Madrid? The Sol neighborhood contains of many shops and some of them are very relatable to the Spanish culture. You cannot miss them when you are in the center!

As some of you probably already know, is Sol literally the heart of Madrid. Not only the heart of Madrid but it also has coordination point 0,0 (‘Kilómetro 0′) which means that this place is exactly situated in the middle of whole Spain. Sol is definitely a must-see which is why it receives many, many, many tourists. It is important that the city is well connected and therefore has this place a very strong transportation network. Especially the metro works quite good, the most central station which you can use is called Sol (metro Lines 1, 2, 3 and Cercanías). Other metro stations that you can use are Callao (Line 3, 5), Gran Vía (Line 1, 5) and Sevilla (Line 2). Several neighborhoods around Sol are Palacio, Malasaña, Chueca, La Latina and Lavapiés-Embajadores.


Casa Labra is a tavern that over generations has been offering something very unique and typical from Madrid. Croquettes are their specialty delighted in an environment that has remained almost since the 19th century which makes this one of the oldest restaurants in Madrid. [Address: Calle Tetúan, 12].

Las cuevas de Sésamo produces one of the best sangria in whole Madrid and is especially known by the local people. The sangria is made with red wine, lemon, sugar, fruit and other ingredients. If you want to discover all the ingredients than you have to go to the cuevas and taste it. [Address: Calle del Príncipe, 7].

Jardín Secreto Salvador Bachiller is located on Calle Montera, near Gran Vía. In the first place, you wouldn’t expect that there is a rooftop hidden in this shop. It is actually a store where they sell unique bags. But as soon as you take the stairs to the third floor, you will have a large lounge bar which is decorated by many kind of plants.
On the 4th floor, you can find the rooftop. It is called el Jardín Secreto (or in English, The secret garden).

This place has a spacious terrace where you can order all kind of drinks and pastries. It is also surrounded by many unique flowers which makes it a perfect spot for a drink and a break from all the heat. When you walk towards the end, you will have a beautiful view over the street. Definitely, a well-worth visit. [Address: Calle de la Montera, 37].


Typographia sells very alternative t-shirts and is developing a unique approach to the art of printing and designing t-shirts for men and women. The designs are focussed on symbols of Madrid, as the bear in Sol, the metro stations and many more! A very original gift to come home with! [Address: Plaza de Canalejas, 3].

La Violeta is specialised in violet sweets. The shop sells a special kind of candy: Caramelos de Violeta. It is called like this because of their shape, their colour and the essence of the flower is part of their ingredients. So, let’s try them! This shop is located next to Typographia. [Address: Plaza de Canalejas, 6].

Torrons Vicens. The stores of Vicens are full with entire walls with those typical Spanish sweets. They produce a delicious and original candy bar that has been popular for centuries. They are specialised torrons which you can buy in all kind of flavors as truffle, marzipan, strawberry and many more. They also offer some pieces as a gift, for example in a wooden box as you can see. The bars are frequently consumed throughout a year, but especially during christmas it is a popular present. You have also the possibility to taste some pieces for free. Hurry up and give it a try! [Address: Calle Mayor, 41].


Calle del Carmen, Calle de Arenal and Calle de Preciados are known as one of the most commercial streets in whole Madrid. It is always crowded here because mainly of all the special shops you are surrounded with.

  • Calle del Arenal is a very central route, but also a trafficfree zone of Madrid between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Isabel II (Ópera). It has a variety of shops, including many restaurants, the Real Madrid Official Store or gifts and souvenirs. But also many hotels, apartments and hostels for an overnight stay.

  • Calle de Preciados starts at sol till plaza de Santo Domingo and is familiar from the shop El Corte Inglés and all the franchises who are located here as well. You can also find those typical clothing stores as Zara, Pull and Bear, Sfera or Pepe Jeans in this street.
  • Calle del Carmen is especially known because of its famous shop Doña Manolita. You can buy here lottery’s (during Cristmas Holidays) and this shop has millions of customers spread throughout the country. The street also contains many clothing and shoe stores.

So if you are in Madrid, don’t forget to take a visit to Sol and one of its amazing places.

Our favorite ones are Jardín Secreto de Salvador Bachiller and Calle de Preciados. The Secret Garden offers a great opportunity to relax. During the Summer you can even enjoy on the rooftop which gives everyone a tropical vibe because of its beautiful flowers. You can also visit this place in the Winter. There are a few cozy bars hidden inside where you can order a drink with a snack. And last but not least, if you are in a shopping mood, go to Calle de Preciados! You will find here everything that you need!

If you want to watch a video about all of these places, don’t the miss the MADventures video about Sol on the MadridEasy YouTube channel.