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Theaters in Madrid

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The theater-lovers will be pleased in Madrid. Whether you want to visit, watch some classics, or discover new experimental shows, the city offers it all! The theaters are as diverse and rich as the city’s history and culture. The architecture from different times will blow your mind and make you travel through time. In this article, we will unveil the most emblematic theaters of Madrid as well as the new tendencies you mustn’t miss during your stay in the Spanish capital.


Teatro Español


It is one of the most historical theaters of the capital, administrated by the Government of Madrid, and located next to Plaza Santa Ana. Although the current neo-classical building was built between 1887 and 1895, its location coincides with an open-air theatre in the medieval times. The programming has almost been uninterrupted for 400 years and focuses mainly on classical literature. On its façade you can observe the names of famous playwright such as Frederico García Lorca.

Source : http://teatroespanol.es/seccion/sala-principal-teatro-espanol/

Check the program in:  http://teatroespanol.es/


Teatro Real de Madrid


The Teatro Real is a famous opera house in Madrid located in front of the Royal Palace, between Plaza de Isabel II and Plaza del Oriente. The Queen Isabel II ordered its construction in 1818 and it was inaugurated in 1850. Its seating capacity can reach 1800. However, the theatre has played many roles throughout the years other than the one that was originally intended. It successively served as parliamentary debating chamber and as barracks during the Spanish Civil War. The construction of the Metro network also caused a few changes and it only reopened as an opera house in 1997. The Teatro Nacional de la Opera earned the reputation of being one of Europe’s greatest opera houses during the 19th and 20th centuries as it welcomed the most renowned composers at the time. If you want to have a look at this fabulous historical monument or enjoy one of its performances, you can take the metro lines 2 and 5 and stop at the ópera station.

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Teatro Calderon

 This famous theatre located in calle de Atocha, next to Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, was inaugurated in 1917 and is famous for its beautiful architecture. It has a history of lyrical concerts and used to be the headquarters of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the years it was the stage of many national and international musicals such as: Carmen, Carmen (1988), Hello Dolly (2001), We will rock you (Queen) (2003)

Source :  https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teatro_Calder%C3%B3n_(Madrid)

For more info go to : https://teatrocalderon.es/

Teatro de la Zarzuela

El Teatro de la Zarzuela is mainly devoted it to zarzuela (the Spanish traditional musical genre) as well as operetta and recitals. In the second half of the 19th century, it became Madrid’s leading Opera house. Don’t miss this magnificent theatre that was declared national monument in 1998.


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Teatro monumental


A concert hall famous for being the headquarters of the RTVE (Spanish radio and television) Symphony Orchestra that is located in calle Atocha. It is renowned for its very good acoustics but also stages many shows. Its architecture is notable for being one of the first examples of racionalismo madrileño.

Source : https://www.esmadrid.com/informacion-turistica/teatro-monumental

Learn more about the teatro monumental in: https://www.taquilla.com/madrid/teatro-monumental-madrid

Teatro Lope de Vega

You cannot walk the streets of Gran Vía without noticing this emblematic theatre specialized in musicals also known as the Spanish Broadway. It is quite recent (barely 70 years old) and staged many renowned and successful shows: Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia!,The Phantom of the Opera and the Lion King.

Source : http://www.abc.es/cultura/teatros/abci-stage-confirma-adquisicion-teatros-lope-vega-y-coliseum-madrid-201609261716_noticia.html

Click here for more information:   https://www.elreyleon.es/teatro/

Teatro Coliseum

Like the Lope de Vega Theater, the Coliseum Theater is located in Gran Vía and has staged the biggest and most successful productions of this last 80 years.

Source : http://madridguia.com/teatro-y-opera/teatro-coliseum/gmx-niv138-con333.htm

Matadero Madrid

In this big contemporary art center you can find all the arts among different sections: dance, theatre, cinema, photography and painting exhibitions, and music. If you are interested in discovering the contemporary and experimental forms of performing arts, it´s the place to be.

Source : http://www.spain.info/es/lugares-interes/madrid/matadero_madrid.html

Check the program in: http://www.mataderomadrid.org/

Micro Teatro Por Dinero

Are you tired of the formal atmosphere of endless plays or operas? Micro theater is what you need. This new genre consists in short plays of 15 minutes in a smaller room with less than 15 people as an audience. Another major advantage is that you can also have some food or drinks while watching the show. It definitely makes theater more enjoyable. Micro Teatro Por Dinero is located calle Loreto Prado y Enriaue Chicote, 9 Metro station Gran Vía.

Source : http://www.dontstopmadrid.com/2013/12/microteatro-madrid.html

For more info, check: http://microteatro.es/