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Favorite sweets from Spain

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What do you know about Spanish sweets? In this article we would like to inform you about the most typical sweets from Spain. Some of them are especially popular during, others are eaten all year round.

Test your knowledge about the Spanish sweets here! Maybe you do not know all of them yet?


Churros are always a good idea! It would be a big mistake to talk about Spanish sweets without including them. Whenever you order Churros, you must have to take the chocolate sauce. The combination makes it very delicious. Most of the time, Madrileños start the day with eating churros and they could also eat it as lunch or as a dessert in the evening. These tubes of fried dough are very good and easy to eat, so where are you waiting for? Try them in one of the most famous stores: San Gines. This shop is very well known among tourists and locals, because it is the only Chocolatería in Madrid which is 365 days open for 24 hours.




And don’t forget to mention the Turrones. This delicious and original candy bar has been popular for centuries. The Spanish supermarkets are full with entire walls with those typical Spanish sweets. They produce traditional nougats and other specialties as chocolate bars in all kind of flavors as truffle, marzipan, strawberry and many more. Normally, they exist of toasted almonds with dark, milk or even white chocolate around it.
The original stores where you can buy the chocolate bars are called Vicens, located in Calle Arenal and Calle Mayor. You can even try small pieces for free!


Caramelos de Violeta

Caramelos de Violeta is a typical sweet from Spain which comes originally from the capital city Madrid. The sweets are very small in size and it represents the shape of a violet with five petals, aromatized and colored to this flower. The shops where you can buy this as a gift or for your own use, is called La Violeta and is located in Plaza de Canalejas, close to Sol.
Would you like to come home with an original present?
Buy those in sweets in La Violeta!



Pestiños are typical small pastries from Andalusia and are especially popular during the Christmas holidays. These sweets are made of special dough which is flavored with aniseed or sesame seed and afterwards it will be fried in olive oil. Depending on what you prefer, you might drench the crunchy sweets in local honey or cover them in sugar. Whenever you start eating these delicious cookies, you cannot stop!



Spanish Holiday Treats

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With so many to choose from and Christmas on its way, it’s baffling as to why Spanish holiday foods remain such a mystery in America – especially compared to those other European exports like, the French Bûche de Noël, the German Stollen, and the Italian Panettone.

Here are a few of the treats you need to get your hands on for the holiday season.


cake 1

A rich nougat made with honey and roasted almonds, turrón varies between a handful of designated regions.



candy 1

This crumbly Spanish sweet is a kind of shortbread (mantecado) made with almonds, sesame seeds and cinnamon. Baked to perfection each holiday season, the best polvorónes are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle


Roscón de Reyes

cake 2

Sweet bread with fruits and nuts is made to resemble a bejeweled royal crown.

Get your fix on now…remember you can only use the holiday excuse for so long.