Extra Services

Besides our multiple free services we also provide some optional extra services to make your arrival even more pleasant.

Book a room and add an extra service to make your life in Madrid easier.

Extra Services:

Linens Kit:
Fresh new blankets waiting for you upon arrival.  Priced between 10€ and 65€.

Cleaning Service:
Either daily or weekly for your comfort. 15€ per hour, minimum of 2 hours per day.

Stocked Fridge:

Basic Pack (20€)

Essential Pack (50€)

Optimum Pack (70€)

Cereal (1 Box)
Milk (1L)
Pastries (1 Box)
Yogurt (4 pct)
Coffee (1 pct. instant)

York Ham (1 pct)
Cream Cheese (1 pct)
Bread (1 Bag)
Eggs (half a dozen)
Mineral Water (1.5L)
Marmalade/Jam (1 Jar)
Mayonnaise (1 Jar)
Coffee (1pct. instant)

Pizza (1 frozen)
Coffee (1pct. instant)
Pasta (1pct. Uncooked)
Butter (1 stick)
Tomato Sauce (1 can)
Laundry Detergent (1L)
Fabric Softener (1L)

Airport Pick Up:
Get picked up or dropped off at the airport to avoid delays.
The fee is 50€ + VAT per person, per trip. Each student must send MadridEasy an email with their flight information 7 days prior to arrival. More info.

Bath Pack:
Designed to make you feel fresh and comfortable at your arrival.

- Textile Pack (25€)
Set of bath towel + hand towel
Bath mat

- Hygiene Pack (6€)
Roll of toilet paper
Toothpaste & toothbrush (travel size)
Soap & shower gel (travel size)

Metro Card “Abono Transporte”:
Madrid’s EMT offers different types of metro tickets such as: the single trip, the 10 trip and the monthly pass. We recommend the monthly pass for maximum savings which is valid for various means of transportation.

Kitchen Utensils Kit:
Because the stock of kitchen utilities depends on each individual property owner, we at MadridEasy want to offer each student with the option of purchasing brand new kitchen utilities to help them cook and enjoy their food. Our students have the option of purchasing at an economic price, new kitchen utilities and flatware for their new home. These utensils include a set of plates: 2 regular, 2 dessert plates and 2 bowls. As well as a pair of forks, knives, spoons, coffee spoons, cups and glasses.

A lot more:

Besides providing you with your home away from home, we can also offer you some additional assistance. We have a long list of other activities, hobbies, job opportunities and entertainment options so you can take full advantage of your time in Madrid.

Let us know if anything below appeals to you and we will do our very best to provide it:


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Now you are all settled in and have everything you need, from sheets to forks, for your stay in your new home in Madrid. However, our job does not end there, MadridEasy provides you with assistance and maintenance services throughout your stay. Ask us if there is anything else we can do for you, we are here to offer you the best service possible, nothing is ever too little or too big for us to handle.

Madrid’s EMT (Municipal transport company) offers different types of metro tickets such as: the single trip, the 10 trip and the monthly pass.  We always recommend our tenants to opt for the monthly pass, because in the long run it saves you more money and you can use it for various types of transportation such as Metro, buses, Cercanías Renfe.

On your request we can arrange for your transportation pass to be ready before you arrive, this way you can move around Madrid from day one. If you would like to do it yourself the price of the Metro card is 4€ plus the monthly rate. If you would like us to help out, the price amounts to 10€ per card plus the monthly subscription fee. If you are under 26, you are entitled to use the “Young Student” subscription which is the most economical option. This type of subscription however takes about 1 month to process, so we recommend that we take care of that for you before you arrive. The documents needed for this process are 2 passport photos and a copy of a passport as well.