Madrideasy has more than 20 years of experience in providing quality housing services. 

Reasons to work with us: 

  • Reliable Service and constant communication 

  • All processes are transparent 

  • Quick Process: our team is ready to work hard to rent your property as quickly as possible 

  • Our company organizes visits to your property 

  • We use our social media and other channels to promote your property 

  • We ensure that the tenants meet your requirements

Madrideasy offers the possibility of renting residential housing of all kinds to students and young professionals.

Types of properties that we offer on our website:

  • Whole Apartment (complete)
  • Rooms in shared apartments
  • Student Residence
  • Host Families welcome

If you have a special requirement for tenants, please send the requirements along with all other information about the property.

The main requirement is that you must have the legal rights to manage the apartment: Be the legal landlord of the property or if you do not own the property you want to rent, you must have legal right to sublet it.

In order to rent your property, it is very important to have high quality and suitable photos.

Our tips:

  • Make sure to sends us high quality, non-blurred images. To rent an available property, it is very important to have quality images that reflect all the details of the apartment.
  • The beds need to be completely made.
  • Pay attention to lighting: The most important part is to make sure there is enough light in the apartment: Turn on the lights, open the curtains. Take the pictures during the day and try not to use a flash.
  • Think about angles. To get the best view, stand in the corner of the room while taking the photos.
  • Consider doing pictures from the outside. It’s a good idea to take some pictures of the surroundings of the building.
  • If the tenant has a private bath try to reflect it in the pictures. Watch out for mirrors because sometimes your reflection can affect the photo.
  • Eliminate seasonal decorations and personal items such as photos and other personal objects.
  • Make sure to not get your reflection in the photos.
  • Try to decorate the apartment in a simple and minimalist way.

If you have any problems communicating with tenants or if you are not satisfied with their behavior in the property, please inform us and and we will help solve the problems and try to find the best solution.

Also, feel free to ask any questions or give us your opinion.

Cant find the answer? Contact us.

Host Family FAQ

Before the exchange, learn as much as you can about the student’s culture as it will help to avoid misunderstandings. Think about how you’re going to teach your culture to the student. Contact the student and their families and talk to them about your family. Send an e-mail to the student with some tips about the weather, clothes and things to bring.

Speak slowly, avoid the use of idioms and have patience. Make sure the student understands important information such as the house rules, school issues and transportation options. Feel free to ask the student if any information needs to be repeated and encourage the student to ask for clarifications.

There are some cultural differences. Therefore, it is important to communicate clearly with your exchange student any cultural misunderstandings that could happen. Try to treat the student as a member of your family rather than as a guest.

Students can have difficulties with feeling homesick, with the work, making new friends, the different rules and expectations regarding your home, and emotional hardship.

Help the student find activities to get involved, help them with the language, talk to them and try to clarify all concerns and issues.

Exchange students are expected to adapt to the lifestyle and basic rules of host families and participate in family activities.